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Welcome Back Old Friends!

BronstonH a posted Jan 27, 16

Good to see everyone again. Thanks for coming.

How to play

BronstonH a posted Jan 26, 16  -  ftbftb monsterhow to run ftb

I've seen a few people log into the server with what looks like vanilla minecraft. Here's some basic instructions on how to play on our servers.

1. Go to http://www.feed-the-beast.com/ and down the FTB Launcher. There's a button in the middle of the page that says "Download Stable" Click it

2. Run the launcher you downloaded. You will have to login with your minecraft account to verify you own the game.

3. Find the "Monster" mod pack in the list and click it to select it. It's about 2/3 of the way down the list under the head "FTB MODPACKS"

4. In the drop down 2nd from the right towards the top of the page find 1.1.2 and select it.

5. Optional: Click "edit mod pack". Select ZansMinimap1.6.4 in the righthand column. Click enable to enable the minimap. Close the window. (Becareful what you enable, some mods are required both on the client and the server, we have the default pack on the server)

6. Click launch!

For the tekkit server you'll need the technic launcher from http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tekkitmain.552547 and I believe you have to be running an older version of java, probably java 6. This is a bit more than I can go into here so I would recommend some googling.

It's alive

BronstonH a posted Jul 20, 15


Get hyped it's finally up and running. This is a sort of test phase, permissions and ranks are in place and not much more. Once the stablility is proven and I get some more work done I will message all the old tekkit crew, over 1000 people believe it or not. Then we'll get a real stress test.

The server is monster 1.1.2 btw.

Im not dead yet

BronstonH a posted Jun 7, 15

Still working on it. Big changes since my last post. New job (systems admin of a pretty big company), pending dev projects from long term clients, renewed Apple dev license (gotta get that IP out there), and I just got back from New York.

Good news: Spigot is revived! All it's plugins are now usable again. FTB packs are updated to newer MC! I have to go into my office this morning because all my servers are offline! Good thing it's sunday.


Raeh Cmon already - Raliki


BronstonH a posted Oct 30, 14
Hi guys,

Welcome to Evolvedcraft 2. I decided to quickly put together some info for you guys. Already wrote this once and then it vanished, sweet. So you probably already figured this out, but Evolvedcraft is coming back. Development is well under way. I've dumped loads of my own money into this new server and I'm pretty sure it's awesome. This things a beast, at least 20 times the specs of the old box. Solid state drives, top of the line network equipment, bunches of ram, too many cores to count, you name it. Right now the server is whitelisted, we were getting a bit too much traffic for a completely unprotected server, but as soon as it's ready I'll be sending all the old tekkit folks an email and the server should be packed in no time. I can't say when it will be ready but I work on it every day so soon. The current server under development is FTB Monster 1.1.2, so get your clients ready.

Future Plans:
This isn't the only server I'll be launching. Basically the plan is to get a server going of every popular FTB pack. Additionally each major world will be running on it's own server, this will keep things absurdly fast. I'll also be putting together my own custom FTB Monster Sky block server, that should be fun. Some of the old things are coming back in new ways, games world will be returning on it's own server with the arena and everything else. I will also be launching servers for other games. A 7 days to die server is already under development and I hope to add a Don't starve together server if they make that possible. I will be making a forum thread for suggestions so please don't leave them in the comments here.

Big news:
The way these servers work is going to be changing from the last time, if you were here for that. As I said I have put loads of my own money into this project (in the four digit range and it doesn't start with a 1.) The only way I can justify that is to declare this a for profit server. What does that mean for you? Well this is a good thing as far as I see it. Some of you no doubt recall the staff could be a bit harsh on the old server. Since the goal of the new server is to make money the last thing we want to do is run players off. I'm not saying you can't be banned or get in trouble but it won't happen for trivial things like it used to. Additionally this means better quality of service. The servers are better because it's for profit and the maintenance and development will be much more effective and regular. There will not be large gaps in server availablity. I've already got a crash proof system fully functional, the server can still crash but it will come back up immediately. This new arrangement will benefit everyone I'm confident, the more profitable the server becomes the more time I can spend working on it rather than having to make money at a job or whatever.

More updates to come.

If anyone actually made it to the end THANKS!
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